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“Soft Skills for Professionals”

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Our Soft Skills for Professionals series of downloadable audiocasts will help guide you to network for job opportunities, manage stress, write proper business email, become more organized, improve your public speaking, and even select the perfect bottle of wine at your next client dinner.

Download all six audiocasts, choose a package of three that includes “Email is Forever,” “Organization 101” and “Networking Opportunities,” a package of three that includes “Stress Management,” “Wine for the Business Meal,” or “Public Speaking 101,” or choose individually.

Email Is ForeverEmail is Forever (20 min.) Your email messages not only share information with others, but they represent who you are, conveying your level of expertise, education and writing skills. Managers complain now more than ever that email messages are often too informal and lack clarity and focus. Learn why it’s important to take the time to compose more concise and professional email message, and the dos and don’ts to ensure your messages are always on target.

Organization 101Organization 101 (25 min.) Tired of missing files, and a desk covered in loose papers and more sticky-notes than you know what to do with? This program covers the basics of office organization and offers tips to maximize your effectiveness in the office. We’ll review specific resources, products and systems guaranteed to keep you on track.

Networking for Job OpportunitiesNetworking for Job Opportunities (25 min.) Networking for a job is real work! In this session, we will cover ways to approach friends and colleagues for leads without looking desperate, learn how to connect with potential employers, and follow the steps necessary to put your best self forward and stand out from the crowd.

Stress ManagementStress Management (26 min.)In this program we’ll cover why managing stress is one of the best things you can do for your health, and what techniques are available to those of us struggling with too few hours in the day. Learn the difference between reacting and responding, and how simple deep breathing exercises you can do anytime can lower your blood pressure, improve your mood and make a stressful situation less so.

Wine for the Business MealWine for the Business Meal (26 min.)Do you jump at the chance to select the wine at business meals, or would you rather jump out a window instead? If you are intimidated by ordering wine, or just want to learn more about it, this program is for you! We will discuss the Big Six grapes, the three Ps (Purpose, Preference and Price), and how to make a good selection from the restaurant’s wine list. We’ll also cover the tasting ritual, wine etiquette, and when it’s appropriate to send a bottle of wine back.

Public Speaking 101Public Speaking 101 (29 min.)Here we cover the basics of preparing and executing a presentation, and ways to stay calm, cool and collected as you deliver your message. If you break out into a cold sweat at the mere suggestion of speaking in front of a group of people, that will be a thing of the past after listening to this program.


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