I Hate to Shop!

What is Business Casual and How Can You Still Look Professional?

“Business Casual Environment”

Illustrated Ebook

Gretchen's Introduction:

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If you or members of your team struggle with the very vague and imprecise term “business casual,” this guide will be tremendously valuable. Known as the black hole of fashion, business casual continues to cause lots of problems in the workplace since it hit the scene back in the mid 1990s.

You’ll get the same information on body type and color selection as volume one, but you will also learn what’s appropriate when working at an organization where a suit isn’t required, but looking polished and projecting professionalism is. And yes, we’ll cover how to select the right jeans for your body type in this “I Hate to Shop!” volume.

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“Business Casual Environment”

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I Hate to Shop!

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