Core Competencies for Non-Lawyers

Succeed Within a Law Firm, Legal Governmental Agency or In-House Legal Department

“Core Competencies for Non-Lawyers”

Four Audiocasts (99 Minutes), Slides and Four Handouts

Legal environments are different from most workplaces. While many professional services firms, including accounting and consulting firms, bill by the hour and hire smart and capable people to produce exceptional work, law firms as a rule tend to be more challenging because mistakes can be so costly. Lawyers themselves can be a pretty demanding bunch, and then of course, there are the clients to keep happy! Given all of this, it’s essential for firms to provide those in support positions the training and tools to do their jobs well.

Professional development opportunities are made available to lawyers at most firms, while members of non-legal staff rarely receive non-technical training of any kind. Offering these important contributors learning events in core areas of professional development will improve individual performance levels and increase self-awareness. An investment in training also promotes higher retention and job satisfaction rates.

“Core Competencies for Non-Lawyers” will help newly hired talent as well as seasoned contributors understand what skills are necessary to succeed within a law firm, legal governmental agency or in-house legal department. Divided into four segments, this program may be used as a complement to your new hire orientation or on-boarding program, or may easily serve as a free-standing professional development training program.

Staff members will benefit from listening to the audio programs, reviewing the slides and using the worksheets individually, however, the ideal model is to have staff gather to listen and work together in a group setting, with a moderator referencing the Facilitator’s Guide to encourage meaningful discussion and deeper learning.

  • Program One (26 min.): Demeanor Is TestimonyOverview of professionalism, concentrating on appropriate dress and grooming
  • Program Two (21 min.): Connecting with Internal ClientsBest practices for lending effective support to attorneys and other law firm professionals within the firm.
  • Program Three (25 min.): Effective Meetings Making the most of planning and attending meetings for maximum effectiveness.
  • Program Four (27 min.): It’s Not What You Say, But How You Say ItA look at email and voicemail messaging, active listening techniques, and how to have that difficult conversation.

“Core Competencies for Non-Lawyers” is divided into four separate parts, and includes an audio program and worksheet. We recommend that each section be studied separately, once a week, over the course of four weeks. Many users have found this approach to be optimal in that it gives participants an opportunity to learn more about each other, time to absorb the new material, discuss and debate ideas, and apply what they’re learning on the job in real time. Done this way, the learning is on-going and builds throughout the four week period.

The four worksheets with answers and comments are included in this guide. After each worksheet, you will find review questions and optional discussion questions, designed to facilitate conversation and solidify key concepts for each segment.

An optional group activity is suggested at the end of each segment as well. Each learning event can range from 60 to 90 minutes in length (approximately 30 minutes of audio, plus 30-60 minutes for worksheets, review and discussion, and the group activity).

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“Core Competencies for Non-Lawyers”

Four Audiocasts (99 Minutes), Slides and Four Handouts

Core Competencies for Non-Lawyers

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