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Gretchen NeelsGretchen Neels, the president and founder of Neels & Company, has a passion for helping professionals make powerful first impressions and establish more lasting, mutually beneficial relationships, resulting in more business. Her unique background as an executive coach and a Certified Style Consultant (CSC) and her candid personality enable her to help audience members develop their personal brand, including their packaging (what we wear) and marketing plan (how we interact with others).

She has presented to numerous Fortune 500 companies and professional services firms, as well as various associations and federal agencies.

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Speaking Topics

  • From Hi-Fi to WiFi: Recognizing and Reducing Generational Static at Your Organization From Hi-Fi to WiFiFor the first time in history, four generations are working together under one roof. Many organizations report high levels of static as a result of poor communication among Traditionalists, Baby Boomers, Gen Xers and Millennials. Discovering what motivates and matters to these four distinct generational cohorts is the first step to getting everyone on the same frequency. Gretchen Neels has been on the forefront of this highly charged topic since 2007 and she will share her insights and strategies to help your teams recognize each generation’s strengths and core values, leading ultimately to mutual respect and harmony.
  • Demeanor is Testimony — Do You Solemnly Swear to Care What You Wear? Demeanor is TestimonyIf each of us has a “personal brand,” than what we wear is the packaging and how we treat others is our marketing plan. This is especially true for those in the legal profession, where demeanor is indeed testimony. Managing the impression one has on others is often overlooked or ignored altogether by new and seasoned professionals alike. Let Gretchen Neels inspire those at your firm to dress appropriately for every situation, convey competence and confidence when networking, and inspire trust by looking and acting the part.
  • Got Civility? Why Manners Matter in the Workplace Now More than Ever Got Civility?Workplace expert and business etiquette advocate Gretchen Neels shares her experiences of helping hundreds of professionals recognize the value in raising standards when it comes to communicating with others thoughtfully and gracefully in this age of email, fast food and Facebook.
  • 10 Ways to Make a Lasting First Impression Make a Lasting ImpressionWe only get one shot at making a great first impression. Let Gretchen Neels show those at your organization how to making a professional and lasting positive impression in 10 easy steps. Both men and women will take away specific “to dos” that will help them up their game and appear more poised and polished the next time they meet their next potential client, customer or colleague.

What Gretchen's Clients Are Saying...

Gretchen did a great job presenting "Building Your Professional Image From the Inside Out," a wonderful start to our organization's Professional Development Series. Her program was fun and informative, and attendees came away with specifics to enhance their professional image. We highly recommend Gretchen to organizations looking to raise their standards of professionalism in a productive and positive way.

Coleen Collins, Assistant VP Human Resources
American Council on Education

Gretchen Neels dusted off the staid subject of etiquette, and put it in a fresher, more relevant context for members of my Million Dollar Consulting® College. Knowing the rules of the road is the basis for being comfortable and confident in a business setting. Do yourself a favor, and listen to what Gretchen has to say about the new guidelines for today's executives.

Alan Weiss, Ph.D., President
Summit Consulting, Inc.

We found Gretchen to be a dynamic, engaging, and enthusiastic speaker when she delivered a presentation at our All Hands meeting last fall. Her knowledge on multi-generational issues is impressive, as is her ability to deliver key concepts in a humorous and distinctive manner. I would highly recommend Gretchen as a talented and effective speaker.

Richard Wenning, Director, Enterprise Sales
Cisco Systems, Inc.

Gretchen, I just wanted to send you a quick note of thanks. You were fantastic last night! Thank you for making "A New Year, A New You" such a great event for the American Woman’s Society of Certified Public Accountants.

Tracy Curley, CPA and Secretary
AWSCPA - Boston

Some of Gretchen's Clients

Partial Client List & Testimonials

Hire Gretchen for a speaking presentation by calling us directly at (202) 469-6765 and don’t forget to check out our seminars and workshops!


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