Professional Development Coaching

Become More Effective in Your Networking and Business Building

Whether you’re a partner who needs help communicating with her colleagues or a CEO who needs to improve his networking and business building skills, Neels & Company will help you develop professionally, becoming more effective in your networking and business building.

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Professional Development Coaching

  • Emotional Intelligence (EI or EQ) With 71% of employers valuing emotional intelligence over IQ, a person’s level of self-awareness and self control coupled with the ability to effectively manage a wide range of relationships is becoming increasingly important for professionals. We can help you develop the soft skills you need to advance professionally.
  • Interviewing Whether it's for new business or a new job, connecting with decision-makers requires an air of confidence and expertise that doesn't make you look like an arrogant know-it-all. And sometimes we trip over the subject we should know better than anyone—ourselves. We will help you develop the confidence and expertise you need to nail your next interview or job opportunity.
  • Presentation Skills Some people are natural-born public speakers, and it's a gift. For the rest, it's a skill that comes from continuous feedback and practice. Learning to present to others isn’t rocket science, but without the ability to convey ideas clearly and persuasively, your career will never get off the ground. We will help you develop concise presentations and hone your speaking skills to match.
  • Communication Styles Learn how best to communicate with others based on their communication styles. The first rule of effective communications is to know your audience. If you don’t understand what drives the person or people you’re speaking to, your messages will fall on deaf ears. Factors to consider include gender, age, experience and need. Communicating with others is most successful when you are able to give someone else the insight and information they want and need as opposed to what you assume (or hope!) they want to hear.
  • Time Management Get more done in less time, minimizing frustration and stress on the job and at home. He who hesitates is lost and he who procrastinates is totally out of the game in this economy. Our Time Management workshop will show you the real reasons you put things off and help you devise strategies to stop the self-sabotage, allowing you to create a more organized and productive work style.
  • Networking and Building More Business Grow your sphere of influence and increase business by networking more efficiently. Become known as the go-to expert in your field by following our step-by-step process. We’ll show you why it’s important to demonstrate, through speaking and writing, your professional expertise, and how you can develop content others will want to know about. It’s not enough these days to be an expert — you have to connect with others in-person and through the media to showcase your knowledge, abilities and strengths.
  • Career Change Whether you want to move up the ladder in your present organization, change careers, or re-enter the workplace, we can assist with identifying the best ways to make your next move. We work with some of the most gifted career experts in the Washington, DC, area, who are able to quickly assess clients’ strengths and advise them, often in ways they never previously considered.

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