Personal Shopping

Do You Absolutely HATE Shopping?

If you answered yes to the question above, you’re far from alone. Many busy professionals realize the importance of image, yet they absolutely loathe shopping for clothes or gifts. That’s where Neels & Company comes in. We have the expertise and experience to meet all your personal shopping needs quickly and painlessly.


We help executives with wardrobe selection, removing the pain many men and women feel just hearing the words "clothes shopping." Our methodology includes an initial color and body-type analysis, and we select several options for formal, business or even casual wear. Our clients then simply arrange a time to try the items on and choose what they like. We do all the work, and you'll look wonderful.


Selecting the perfect gift is an art, whether it's for a valued client, esteemed colleague or important member of the team. And let's not forget the most important people of all: family. How often have you overlooked an anniversary, birthday, graduation or other special day? It happens to the best of us!

Busy professionals either leave these important tasks to the last minute and scramble to find something, anything, to hand off, or they delegate the assignment to someone who has neither the taste nor inclination to find just the right thing.

Neels & Company has the experience and contacts to meet your needs quickly and painlessly. Let us know a little bit about your recipient, and we'll select a stunningly appropriate gift. We do all the work, and you'll get all the credit.

Need help with your wardrobe or in selecting an important gift? Contact Us today!


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