Personal Brand Consulting

Present the Best Image: Perfect Your Personal Packaging and Marketing Plan

Most people agree professionals have a personal brand. This means what you wear is your packaging and how you communicate with others is your marketing plan. Neels & Company is passionate about helping professionals present their best image to the world through personal brand consulting.

Personal Brand Consulting Topics

  • Total Image Management� Total Image Management®Improve the way you present yourself to the world. Others make judgments, assumptions and conclusions when they meet you for the first time. Your clothing, grooming, posture and body language speak volumes before you utter your first word. Accept this and make the most of it! Learn how to announce to the world that you are a confident, competent and successful professional.
  • Your Personal Palette Learn what body type you have (rectangle, triangle, hourglass, or inverted triangle) and how to dress it so that you always look fabulous. Once you understand your silhouette, zero in on the colors to wear that make you feel and look like a million.

    Your Personal PaletteOur in-depth color analysis is based on color theory, not the seasons of the year or your Zodiac sign. After our session, you'll have a personal color palette you can take with you, making shopping a breeze.
  • Dress Codes Neels & Company’s personal brand and image consultants are highly qualified to assist organizations with dress code development, implementation and guidance. We have experience working within every type of corporate and business casual environment.
  • Interviewing Career Change Whether you want to move up the ladder in your present organization, change careers, or re-enter the workplace, we can assist with identifying the best ways to make your move.
  • Interviewing Whether it's for new business or a new job, connecting with decision-makers requires an air of confidence and expertise that doesn't make you look like an arrogant know-it-all. And sometimes we trip over the subject we should know better than anyone—ourselves. We will help you develop the confidence and expertise you need to nail your next interview or job opportunity.
  • Presentation Skills Presentation Skills Some people are natural-born public speakers, and it's a gift. For the rest of us, it's a skill that comes from continuous feedback and practice. We will help you develop concise presentations, and hone your speaking skills to match.

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