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Free Digital Versions Now Available!

Neels & Company’s best-selling booklets, Business Etiquette 101 and Business Etiquette 102, are now available in PDF format FREE! Many of you who have enjoyed these little gems chock full of dos and don’ts for success in the workplace have asked me for digital versions for quite a while. I was hesitant, because the printed versions are so perfectly designed by the one and only Debra Wieder of Five Elements, but I understand not everyone is stuck in 1992 like me! Avail yourself to lots of free resources, including the Business Etiquette booklets, by visiting the Preferred Guest page on my…

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Fall Accessories – The Neiman Marcus Show

Last week I went to not one but two fabulous fashion shows; lucky me! I blogged about the Lafayette show at Nordstrom’s earlier. Wednesday I was invited to a lovely fashion luncheon featuring the must-have accessories for fall. Lots of glamor, stiletto heels, fur and leather. Oversized jewelry in gold and gorgeous stones, ropes of pearls, matching cuff bracelets (one on each wrist), and I learned that at least at Neiman’s the color of the season is Bordeaux and all shades thereof. I wouldn’t recommend to my clients that they wear much of what I saw Wednesday to work. Too much of a good…

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Dwelling on Past Mistakes?

My pal Julie, an incredibly gifted and creative marketing exec, recently took a job she was certain would be fantastic, only to find three or four weeks into things that the new organization was rife with problems, infighting and chaos. Julie made a quick exit and is now looking for a new opportunity, but her confidence, she tells me, is shaken. “How did I make such a bad choice?” she asks herself constantly, and the follow up to that of course is, “Will I do it again?” Today’s Wall Street Journal article about the parallels between professional athletes who encounter…

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