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What’s Worse than Flip-flops?

I grew up in St. Petersburg, Florida, where flip-flops were what we kids wore to the beach, pool and around the neighborhood when we weren’t wearing our roller skates. These plastic, quasi-disposable “shoes” were merely a means to avoid blisteringly hot sand and black-top, otherwise we were happy to be barefoot. No adults ever wore them past the swimming pool parking lot. Whenever I see professionals wearing these play shoes with skirts, dresses or pants, I cringe. The message they are sending is “I’m really a kid at heart and frankly, would rather be barefoot.” I’m not so sure that’s…

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Fall Accessories – The Neiman Marcus Show

Last week I went to not one but two fabulous fashion shows; lucky me! I blogged about the Lafayette show at Nordstrom’s earlier. Wednesday I was invited to a lovely fashion luncheon featuring the must-have accessories for fall. Lots of glamor, stiletto heels, fur and leather. Oversized jewelry in gold and gorgeous stones, ropes of pearls, matching cuff bracelets (one on each wrist), and I learned that at least at Neiman’s the color of the season is Bordeaux and all shades thereof. I wouldn’t recommend to my clients that they wear much of what I saw Wednesday to work. Too much of a good…

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Five Steps Out of the Frump Zone

After the age of 40 or so, women tend to lean into what I call the “Frump Zone.” Those in the Zone haven’t had a proper bra fitting, don’t wear shapewear, haven’t changed their hairstyle in the past 5 years, think of shoes only in the context of comfort, and never try on something new or different, be it a style, cut or color. If you see yourself heading toward the Frump Zone, or feel you’ve never left, January is a great time to freshen things up and get your game back! 1. A properly fitted bra will make you…

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