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Free Digital Versions Now Available!

Neels & Company’s best-selling booklets, Business Etiquette 101 and Business Etiquette 102, are now available in PDF format FREE! Many of you who have enjoyed these little gems chock full of dos and don’ts for success in the workplace have asked me for digital versions for quite a while. I was hesitant, because the printed versions are so perfectly designed by the one and only Debra Wieder of Five Elements, but I understand not everyone is stuck in 1992 like me! Avail yourself to lots of free resources, including the Business Etiquette booklets, by visiting the Preferred Guest page on my…

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Returning Calls the Old Fashioned Way

It’s so easy. It’s so simple. It’s so rare. I’m talking about returning phone calls by phone – voice-to-voice communication, as opposed to returning a phone call with an email or a text message. The Elegant Exec knows that voice-to-voice wins over other all other modes, except face-to-face dialogue. Our voices convey nuance and signals that help build relationships. Texting and email certainly convey information, but not humor or empathy. Besides, email isn’t nearly as efficient as a good old conversation where A leads to B and then to C. Most people find their in-boxes brimming with information they’d rather…

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