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Q-1 Style Update (Corporate Dress)

Now is the time to take advantage of post-holiday sales and add some color to your wardrobe. In many parts of the country, January is cold and dreary. If you’re lucky enough to live in Southern California or Florida maybe this post isn’t for you. But for readers from Maine to Minnesota and clear down to Memphis, read on to learn how to give your wardrobe a little lift that will help transition from the winter doldrums to the first hints of spring. Gentlemen The easiest way to punch up your wool suit is with a colorful shirt and tie…

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Federal City Necktie

Featuring a map of Washington, DC, this necktie is perfect for the not-so-formal office, where ties are optional. It’s whimsical, but not in a childish way, and says, “I’m a professional who appreciates dressing well while maintaining my own sense of style.” Available at Josh Bach, it retails for $55. Other cities available: Boston, Chicago, New York, Philadelphia, San Francisco, London, Paris and Rome.


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