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Email Etiquette Teleseminar – a hit!

Our FREE monthly Elegant Executive Teleseminar Series started with a bang yesterday with over 100 registered listeners! Email Etiquette was the topic and it’s clear that many people wanted to learn how to make their email messages stand out with courtesy and clarity. If you haven’t already signed up for our Elegant Executive series, please do so today! Not sure if it’s worth 30 minutes of your time? Here are some testimonials from yesterday’s program: “Excellent  teleseminar, Gretchen, I hope I can join the next one.” “I loved your teleseminar. Very informative, clear and concise. Exactly what you advised listeners…

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Destructive Delusions #5

5. Others Cause Misery: “My emotional misery comes from external pressures that I have little ability to change.” It’s known as the blame game and most of us participate in pointing fingers at others when the trouble lies within. Most unhappiness and misery is a direct result of the choices we make day to day, year to year. Accepting that we are responsible for our own happiness is the first step toward full fledged adulthood and genuine contentment. When you think the thought, “I’m miserable because of what he or she is doing,” think again, and honestly look at how your thinking…

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Destructive Delusions #4

4. Catastrophize: “When I get very frustrated, treated unfairly or rejected, I have to view things as awful, terrible, horrible and catastrophic.” Drama queens (and kings!) are expert at turning small incidents into big-time disasters. Do you make mole hills into mountains requiring lots of energy and effort? Do you get others into the mix, convincing them of the catastrophy? Check your thinking and if the words “awful, terrible, horrible and catastrophic” come up often, it’s time to regroup and keep things in perspective.

I Hate to Shop! E-books about to launch

We divide women into two categories: those who love to shop, and those who hate it. If you find yourself in the latter group, our I Hate to Shop! But Still Want to Look Great guides were written just for you! My editor assures me the e-books will be ready January 15th, as planned. Do you have a closet full of clothing but nothing to wear? Are you at the point where you know you need to refresh your work wardrobe, but you just don’t know where to start? Do you find yourself leaving stores empty handed because nothing fits…

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Why Male Execs Dress Better Than Their Female Counterparts

The truth is male executives cultivate a sense of style and dress as they develop professionally and climb the ladder to success. It’s expected that they dress in a powerful way and most rise to the challenge. No mentor would shy away from saying to up and coming Bob Smith, “Bob, that suit is atrocious! For goodness sake, go see my tailor and tell him I sent you.” However, no one will coach rising star Brittany Sanders with this admonishment: “Are you seriously going to wear THAT to the client meeting? Call my stylist and ask for an appointment asap.”…

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Legal Secretaries Say “No-thanks”

Victoria Pynchon’s recent article in ”Women Lawyers and Their Secretaries: An Emotional Sweatshop?” is worthwhile reading for attorneys and support staff alike. Pynchon sites the 2009 survey in which a whopping 50% of legal secretaries said they preferred to work for male partners (35%) and male associates (15%), rather than female partners and associates (3% said they liked working for female associates, none peferred working for female partners and 47% reported “no opinion”). I started my career as a legal secretary at Skadden in the mid 1980s. It was an extremely demanding and stressful job where mistakes were not tolerated. We secretaries worked very…

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Nancy Mitchell Joins Neels & Company

Nancy Mitchell is now Chief of Protocol and the go-to source for etiquette education at Neels & Company. With over 25 years of experience, Nancy serves as protocol and special events consultant to the Library of Congress, the world’s largest library and cultural center, where she was director of special events and protocol for more than two decades. In her former position at the Library of Congress, Nancy and her staff were responsible for planning and managing more than 400 events each year. She coordinated the institution’s major special events, visits of heads of state and other foreign dignitaries, fundraising…

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Style Workshop

Yesterday we had the pleasure of facilitating our fun and informative Style Workshop at the law offices of Winston & Strawn. The ladies enjoyed seeing what we recommend they wear for a business casual setting, how to shop on a budget and what kinds of items they should splurge on this fall. Determining one’s figure types and color “temperatures” (cool or warm) engaged audience members, giving each new ideas and a better understanding of how to dress, always accenting the positive. Here is some of the feedback we received: “I really learned so much about what to wear and how to wear it. My favorite…

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Total Image Management® Seminars

Many readers have asked when I will offer my Total Image Management® seminar this year. I’m happy to announce that it will be held Wednesday, May 4th, at The Ritz-Carlton, Pentagon City (and will be repeated Monday, October 3). Total Image Management® is a systematic process that helps professional women project their very best selves to the world, and manage that image as they build long-term, mutually beneficial relationships with co-workers, clients and customers. Back in 2009, I took this seminar on the road and had the chance to work with a number of women who wanted to accelerate their professional development and find more…

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